Purchase a subscription

Step 1. Create a free account

If you already have a Miradi Share account, you can sign in using your existing account. Otherwise, create a new account that will allow you to access both Miradi.org and MiradiShare.org.

Step 2. Select pricing option

After logging in, return to this page and determine which subscription is right for you.

Step 3. Complete your purchase

Individual subscriptions can be purchased online using a credit card. Simply click "Buy" next to the subscription type you want, complete your payment, and download Miradi.

Organization subscriptions require a separate agreement that needs to be completed offline. Select the subscription type and click "Contact Us" to start the process.

Why should I buy a subscription?

Miradi is a not-for-profit venture. We rely solely on user fees to pay for ongoing development and improvements to the software and for providing user support. We rely on you and our other users to “pay your fair share.” If you regularly use and depend on Miradi Software, please ensure you have a valid subscription.

  1. Individual Subscription
  2. Allows one person to download the latest version of Miradi Software for one year. The standard individual subscription comes with email support. We also provide email support for low-income and trial subscriptions but cannot guarantee response times. If payment by credit card is a challenge, please contact us at support@miradi.org.

    Individual Subscription Type Price
    Trial subscription
    60-day free trial to test Miradi to see if it is right for you
    0.00 Try
    Low-income individual subscription
    Self-declared student or other low-income individual
    30.00 Buy
    Standard individual subscription
    Most users
    300.00 Buy

  3. Organizational Subscription
  4. Provides members of a program or organization access to the latest version of Miradi Software for one year. Subscriptions begin and end on the same date and should be purchased based on the anticipated number of members that will require the software. Organizational subscriptions come with email support.

    Organizational Subscription Type Price per User
    1 - 9 subscriptions
    Please purchase separate individual subscriptions directly
    See individual rates
    10 - 29 subscriptions
    @ $285 per user
    285.00 Contact us
    30 - 99 subscriptions
    @ $270 per user
    270.00 Contact us
    100 - 500 subscriptions
    @ $250 per user
    250.00 Contact us
    More than 500 subscriptions
    Contact us