About Miradi

Miradi is project management software designed by conservation practitioners, for conservation practitioners. Miradi uses wizards, examples, and multiple views to help project teams design, plan, implement, and monitor strong conservation projects. Miradi provides a simple, step-by-step process for conservation teams to implement the Conservation Measures Partnership's Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

About CMP, Sitka, and Benetech

 Miradi is a joint venture between the Conservation Measures Partnership and Sitka. Benetech built the initial software and led its development and innovation from 2007 to 2013. In 2013, Sitka took over development. 

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The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) is a consortium of conservation organizations committed to improving the practice of conservation. To achieve this, CMP develops and promotes common standards and tools for planning, implementation and measuring conservation impact. Members include key NGOs, government agencies, and foundations from the conservation community. 

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Sitka Technology Group is a team of conscientious systems designers that transforms data into integrated planning, implementation, and monitoring solutions. Sitka works with governments, non-profits and the private sector to develop adaptive management systems that make efficient use of limited environmental investments.


Benetech is a nonprofit based in Palo Alto, California that combines the power of the human mind with a deep passion for social improvement, creating new technology solutions that serve humanity.  Benetech explores the application of technology to major social issues in areas such as human rights, literacy, education, the environment and the digital divide.