Welcome to Miradi

Miradi - a Swahili word meaning "project" or "goal" - is a user-friendly program that allows nature conservation practitioners to design, manage, monitor, and learn from their projects to more effectively meet their conservation goals, following a process laid out in the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

Miradi is working to transform the practice of conservation

  • Easy Step-by-Step Interview Wizard
  • Threat Prioritization
  • Development of Objectives and Actions
  • Selection of Monitoring Indicators
  • Planning and Financial Views

Working together

The Miradi software program is a joint venture between the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) and Sitka Technology Group.

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New Miradi YouTube Tutorials

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We have launched our brand new YouTube Channel with short 2-8 min tutorial videos on how to best use Miradi Desktop and Miradi Share.

Browse our videos directly via YouTube or watch the videos embedded in our Community Section. There we host not only tutorials and webinar recordings but also additional guiding materials!

Make sure to subscribe or check back every once in a while and leave us feedback so we can develop more videos in the future and answer your questions!
Miradi Pricing

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Click here to see Miradi's pricing list for individuals and organizations. You can purchase directly online or, if you're not sure yet, try out Miradi for free for 60 days.

Creating a Miradi Account & Installing Miradi Software

Check out these guided instructions for creating a Miradi Account & installing Miradi Software.

To learn about Miradi features and functions, download the Miradi self-guided tutorial where you can view an indexed and animated PowerPoint slide show. There is also a Hands-on Miradi Desktop Exercise with step-by-step instructions and sample data to explore how to use Miradi through a "learn-by-doing" approach.

You find all supporting materials also on our Community Page.
Sites Using Miradi & The Open Standards

This is a live map of some of the projects around the world that use or have used Miradi and/or Miradi Share for planning and management. Please note that this map is user-curated so feel free to browse and add your own project to the map!

Software Features
Latest Miradi News

New Miradi v 4.5 released

June 29, 2018

We are excited to announce the release of Miradi Version 4.5!

Highlights include:

  • Support for Full-Cycle Adaptive Management - Miradi 4.5 allows users to visually display progress toward implementing activities and the corresponding change in key results.
  • Improved Support for Evidence - Miradi 4.5 enables users to document and display evidence for all aspects of the Open Standards process including the presence of factors, confidence in goals/objectives and measurements, and the certainty of causal links between factors.
  • New Look - Miradi 4.5 has a new set of modern colors for conceptual model and results chain diagrams.
  • And Lots More - Miradi 4.5 has dozens of improvements and bug fixes including enhanced tagging, better threat ratings, and easier downloads from Miradi Share.

Make sure to watch our YouTube Tutorial highlighting all of the new features!